About FCC

Fevicol Champions’ Club (FCC) is an ethnic social platform that brings woodworking contractors together to boost their personal and professional growth. It is a pan-India community-based program where people of the woodworking industry learn new techniques, build networks, and earn recognition for their work. Its widespread presence makes it the single largest platform for contractors.

FCC was introduced on 20th December 2002 in cities of Kanpur and Surat. Started as a simple club with an aim of being a social leveler for contractors, it has now branched out to a number of initiatives serving the entire nation. It does something for all its stakeholders including contractors, their families, carpenters, dealers, employees of Fevicol, and the general public.

Community Initiatives

With the intention of doing good for the society, FCC spearheads a number of initiatives. Some of its key initiatives are: