Fevicol Over the Years

Our old and new ads reminding of the times over the years

While the initial stages of our advertising focused on the functional aspects, it later advanced to humorous real-life scenarios and contextual references. Watch them for a rib-tickling experience.

Our Products

Multiple Products with varied uses in the wood working space.

The company started small with a single factory and a simple product on offer – Fevicol, a white synthetic resin adhesive which came to the rescue of carpenters and woodworkers. Today, we have a range of products for various applications in the wood working space.

Community Initiatives

Fevicol Design Ideas

Fevicol Design Ideas has been the perfect platform for interior designers & contractors to showcase their work and consumers to select the best. If you are a contractor or a designer, create a digital portfolio, store all your projects under one roof, share it with potential clients, and increase visibility. If you are a consumer, search for the latest in home décor, hire a contractor, and acquire the decision-making power with our knowledge kit. To know more, click here.