When it all began

It all began in 1954 with our founder Late Shri Balvant Parekh and his brother Shri Sushil Parekh. Shri Balvant started out as a small trader. He and his brother later began manufacturing pigment emulsions that were used in textile printing. The story might have ended here had they not experienced a change of heart.

Inception of India’s favorite bond

Five years later, in 1959, the two brothers created a synthetic alternative to animal glue that forever changed the way carpenters worked on furniture or kids worked on their craft projects. They called this creation ‘Fevicol’ !

Though it was a superior replacement, Fevicol needed initial adoption and habit creation. To do this, the Parekh brothers adopted a unique and bold marketing strategy of promoting Fevicol directly to carpenters and not to Retail stores which was the norm at that time.

Edging towards the ultimate bond

By 1963—four years after its inception—Fevicol got its first manufacturing plant at Kondivita Village, Mumbai. It seems fitting that today our Corporate Head Office stands here.

Fevicol is usually quick when it comes to gluing things together; it took us a few years to build a bond of pure trust with our market.

Sealing the bond

Fevicol spent the next 30 years strengthening the bond it created by establishing itself as the carpenter’s preferred choice and becoming synonymous with white glue in households.

In 1970, Fevicol was launched in multiple packs to cater to various contractor requirements. This period also saw the creation of the 30-gram collapsible tube, which made its way to stationery pouches and office drawers. This was a way of getting closer to the consumer.

Fevicol finds its footing

Once the stage was set, Fevicol was poised for expansion. The years that followed 1990, saw it nose-deep in the creation of specialized variants. Fevicol also engaged in building programs with carpenters during this time.

In 1997, Fevicol released its first TV ad and that was just the beginning.

Launch of Fevicol Marine

With the advent of the marine plywood, Fevicol identified the need for the ultimate bond in water prone areas as well. This is when it launched the first sub-brand Fevicol Marine with the proposition – Wohi Mazboot jod paani mein bhi through an engaging TV ad.


  • 1954
  • 1959
  • 1963
  • 1970
  • 1997
  • 2004

Product Innovation

Advertisement Innovation

Awards and Accomplishments

Being Pidilite’s flagship brand, Fevicol has not only been the favorite of consumers but also earned many recognitions.

Won at Cannes, Asia Pacific, Abby Awards, Effies and Emvies for various ads


Won Bronze for Branded Content “Fevicol - Bonded to 1 billion hearts” at Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Awards (AMES)


Won Bronze for Branded Content “Fevicol - Bonded to 1 billion hearts” at Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Awards (AMES)

2012 – 13

Recipient of Zee Business Brand Excellence Award

5 years

Ranked in the Most Trusted Brands list for 5 consecutive years

2012 – 13

3rd Most Trusted Brand in the Household Care Category


India’s 45th Most Trusted Brand in the Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands Survey

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